Aerial acrobatics

for those who love to fly

What is aerial acrobatics?

Basically it is acrobatic that happens in the air. It requires using many equipment that helps acrobats to leave the ground. It can be a silk, trapeze, rope, hoop, web or any other object ussually being hanged from the ceiling. But not only that! Aerial acrobatics is a wide field of unexplored posibilities. There are companies using the helium baloons to lift the acrobat on the lunge and perform above the heads of audience. 

There is a discipline called aerial dance that creates an illusion of a vertical dance on the wall of a building.

Objects does not have to be hanged strictly from the ceiling to be acknowledged as a aerial acrobatics. The discipline called Chinese pole is rigged tight to the ground but the acrobat climbs up and performs in the air.

Aerial acrobatics is our favorite and we are open to push its boundaries further to the world of art!

Our products

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