aerial silks


 waranty 2 years/200 hours
of usage
 WILL  1,5 kN (cca 150 Kg)
 Material polyester
 width 1,5 m
 serial number yes

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Aerial silk is taking lead in performative aerial astr for decades. Even the simpliest tricks are visually satisfying and impresive. 

It gives many oportunities in its usage: by time and regular training and conditioning you can reach high professional level , you can focus on the creative part of creation and bring some new ideas to the performance or you can simply keep training for the fun of it. 

The excercises on silks and aerial acrobatics in the right hands can also provide terapeutical experience.

We are focusing on the high quality of fabric to minimalize the risc of injuries or accidents in general. Silks are produced in CZ and thez are tested and each one has a serial number.

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