waranty 5 years
 diameter100 cm 
 material stainless steel/steel
 serial number NO


Getting tired of the same shapes and forms of aerial acrobatics? Do you enjoy exploring and working in duo?

Then the globe is the best for you on your aerial journey. Even the basic position looks great. You can use twister to level up the effect of rotation and amaze the audience!

With diameter 100 cm the globe can pass through classic 90 cm wide doors with no problem.



 waranty 5 years
 material stainless steel
 serial number NO


The cube is another object for you to observe in the air. It works the best in pairs and group trainings. The cube offers many optiones of positiones and tricks.

The size of the cube is suitable for older children and adults. 

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What to be aware of?


Choose wisely the material. There is possibility of stainless steel which is rust resistand but it does not hold the color. 

Classic steel on the other hand is easy to varnish, is cheaper but does not resist the rust.

The tube diameter

Think of what is good for the grip. Too big or too small is not good. It also depends on for whom is the object intended.


Is it important for you to fit the classic 90cm doors?


For the atypical shapes it is important to think of the transport and disassembly as well as of the size and material.