Circus tent


 warranty2 years 
 height4.62 m 
 diameter 10 m  
 colour customable

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Colorful circus tent  is a perfect object to catch visitors eye on any event or festival. It gives your shows, performances and workshops the real circus feeling. 

It is round temporary structure supported by one central pole. With diameter 10m it is big enough to provide space for smaller piece and the audience.

We offer a possibility of an aerial rig fitting perfectly the tent in a substitute of the pole. 

Does not serve as a long-stand shelter.

Easy to build

There is minimum two people requested for building up the tent. More people you have available, less time it takes. But in pair you are able to build the tent approximately in 20 mins.

Easy to transport 

All the material fits in a transport car with no problem. Central pole is dividable into two parts each 2 m long. The roof and side parts of the tent are fitting two bags. 

Easy to adapt

The roof and sidewalls come in three parts - roof in one and sidewalls divided into two. You can use each one of them individually - use just the top part in a case of sunny day, close the tent by adding the sidewalls or use the sidewalls only to divide the space.

Aerial rig  for the circus tent

We offer the possibility to buy an aerial rig for the circus tent as a substitute to the central pole. With the height of 3 m is great for youth circus performances or outdoor workshop.

The rig itself is possible to use separately in the indoors or outdoors.